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Wiccan Altar Supplies and Tools

Wiccan Altar Supplies and Tools

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This starter witchcraft kit is sure to encourage your practice until you can perform deep and powerful magic. Contained in a portable wooden box (7.5x4.5x4”), you can carry around your herbs, crystals and wand to perform spells on the go
This witch kit includes 14 potent and high quality herbs chosen for their versatility and use in spell casting, sachets, loose incense, and spell jars. The herbs you receive will be similar but not identical to those in the pictures
Crystals are powerful healing tools, each vibrating with different energies. Some bring calm, others balance. Shown are: amethyst, labradorite, fluorite, selenite, Rose Quartz, tourmaline, Jasper, and amazonite. You will receive a comprehensive set empowering your decision-making and inspiring positive change.
Last but not least, a powerful tool, this pointed metal wand may be used interchangeably as a pendulum to guide you.


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