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Witchcraft kit Wiccan Altar kit

Witchcraft kit Wiccan Altar kit

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Perfect for starting your journey as a witch or continuing your existing practice.
This kit includes a wide variety of crystals such as amethyst, labradorite, and fluorite as well as a variety of raw stones such as: Amazonite, Jasper, and tourmaline as well as quartz.
Featuring 27 varieties of unique herbs you can use in loose incense, sachets, or spell jars. These herbs are displayed in 8ml glass jars with corks.
Also includes a keepsake wooden box with a metal latch and handles for easy travel or storage so you can take your practice wherever you go.
Varieties of herbs and crystals may differ from box to box but will be chosen with intention and with the recipient in mind. Please use your witch kit wisely.

extra large:
Invest in your practice with this luxurious box altar supplies and tools.
Complete with 22 vials of ethically sourced glass vials and a balanced collection of the most useful and rare herbs, roots, flowers, and berries for use in potions, spell jars, loose incense etc. Continue or begin your burgeoning apothecary for every ailment and need that should arise.
Carefully chosen crystals with a wide variety of properties such as: protection, tranquility, and even attracting romance; this set includes: Amethyst, Fluorite, Labradorite, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, and Tiger's Eye.
And finally, no witch practice is complete without the essentials: a set of 8 spell candles, a wooden pendulum board engraved with a unique design, and a Book of Shadows waiting to be filled with your journey.
The wooden box, featuring metal and vegan leather accents measures approximately 10x7x6". Set also includes an exclusive Spell Book to begin your journey with notes on the essential properties of herbs and inspiration for performing your first spell.

This witchcraft kit includes a variety of crystals, herbs, and altar tools to begin or complete your burgeoning practice
These crystals will inspire manifestation. With a fluorite point, labradorite palm stone, amethyst cluster, selenite wand, and a variety of raw crystals such as raw jasper and tiger's eye
14 unique herbs in glass vials with corked lids to include in your witchcraft apothecary. Perfect for sachets, loose incense, and spell jars.
Also includes a mini brass bell and a necklace representing the phases of the moon
Everything is stored in a keepsake wooden box with vegan leather and metal latch. Box measures ~7x5.5x5”


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