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witchcraft apothecary

witchcraft apothecary

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A larger version of my larger herbs kit, this kit comes in a luxurious wooden box: reddish with metal and fabric trim. The medium kit comes with 28 unique vials of different herbs, flowers, roots, & berries, and the large comes with 40-45, while the small comes with 10. The vials are 20ml, glass, with cork stoppers. This kit is born out of the necessity to have a large variety of herbs on hand at all times. These herbs can be made into teas, ground into paste, or burned as loose incense on a charcoal disk or diffuser. The specific herbs included in your kit will be left up to chance and my intuition.

Additionally, this kit goes very well with my other kits which include wands, oils, and crystals. Please contact me for a combination price and you can check them out here:
Huge Kit:
Starter Kit:
Travel Kit:

If you want the herbs in plastic bags rather than bottles, you can click here:

This kit optionally comes with a small booklet, describing the potential magickal uses for the herbs in this kit. If you would like to ensure that these do or don't arrive with your kit, please message me before, during, or directly after placing your order. The booklet may not include every herb you receive and may include some that you did not receive.

Note that the vials in this kit are not secured to the lid but rather sit in the body of the box for easy access and to be easily carried around.

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