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Self Love Witchcraft Kit

Self Love Witchcraft Kit

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Gift this to yourself when you’re down in the dumps or flying high as a kite. This kit will encourage you, give you the strength to grow stronger, and build you up when you fall down. This kit includes a small selection of items that I like to use to access my inner sanctimony and enhance my self esteem.

Kit includes:
Himalayan Bath Salts for a relaxing soak and some time spent alone with self
A polished selenite moon to stroke in times of trouble and remind of the moon above which exists through everything
A moon phase charm in a silver plated chain. Wear this always and everywhere
Two candles: one white and one pink
An intricate metal spoon with an acrylic crystal on the end
Sage Bundle and Palo Santo stick to cleanse your space and your mind
A small piece of raw rose quartz to hold close to your heart and to draw love near
A small brass bell whose melodious sound can remind you of how strong your relationship with yourself continues to be
A guidebook with information about various herbs and ideas for spells and how to perform magic

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