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crystal mystery kit

crystal mystery kit

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Choose crystals from the picture or let me surprise you. Available: fluorite point (~2"), obsidian point (~2.5"), selenite wand (5"), amethyst cluster, selenite sphere, small crystals: raw or polished rose quartz, amazonite, tiger's eye, selenite (3") and more

small box contains one large piece (a larger cluster, sphere, or an obelisk) and two smaller pieces

medium box contains two large pieces and three smaller pieces

large box contains three large pieces and four smaller pieces

extra large contains four large pieces and five smaller pieces

There are now a few more crystals to choose from and that might be included:
Labradorite palm stone, carnelian raw, tigers eye sphere, rainbow moonstone polished (for a full list of crystals please message me or if there is one you particularly want to see if I have.

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