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Witchcraft Apothecary

Witchcraft Apothecary

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This witchcraft apothecary kit is the perfect start to your growing witchcraft collection
includes all the herbs you need for simple spells and potions, to dress candles, and make your desires come true.

Contains 15 12ml vials

Want to learn the properties of herbs - both magical and practical? Choose to include an apothecary reference deck with botanical illustrations on one side of the cards and a description of how to use them on the back. (Note: these cards are just suggestions and should not be treated as medical advice ever. Do not ingest without consulting a professional). To see more information about the cards, click this link:

Or: choose to include a rustic wooden Mortar and Pestle. Rub the pestle around the inside of the mortar to grind your herbs into pastes and powders. Choose between wood, or brass (please leave a note or message if you would prefer brass).

Long ago, witches were considered powerful magical beings because of their use of herbs to make potions and tinctures. These concoctions could fix ailments and heal maladies far beyond the powers of modern medicine, and for this reason, powerful men were scared of this unknown magic.

Get back to your roots with your very own witchcraft apothecary, complete with 18 vials of some of the most potent and rare herbs, roots, berries, and flowers. Anoint your candles, create ritual tinctures, and craft the perfect spell with this comprehensive set of glass jars.

This handsome wooden box is the perfect size to hold each of your new ingredients, and choose between a brass or wood mortar and pestle to grind your herbs into powders for use in potions and spell jars.

Want to fill the vials yourself? Use our kit to label and fill our vials with herbs you already have. Please let me know if you are interested in this option, and we can work on a custom price :)

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