Anger Meditation - Harness the Energy of Anger

Anger Meditation - Harness the Energy of Anger

Anger, in its purest form, righteous indignation channeled towards a great offense, ignites a flame that can be a source of motivation towards some very specific end, can light a fire under our feet to keep us moving forward.

In order to have access to this potential, we must concentrate on transforming our anger from an uncontrollable chaos, to a finely-tuned laser, injecting the full strength into a (powerful) tool, like the blue flame of a blow torch, which won't wreak havoc when carefully directed.

For this meditation, you'll want to start with a crystal grid - the Metatron Grid works well as its lines converge in the center, channeling energy inward and upward. You'll want to start with some very small stones - crystal pebbles preferably in warm or neutral colors - yellow, orange, or brown. Here you can spend a little time, thinking of events that occurred which caused you to feel the penetrating flame of anger. A feeling that was directed nowhere, as most situations aren't fit for pure, unadulterated emotion, and raw anger has almost no place in modern society, at least not externally.

Next you'll place the quartz points. You'll want to pick up all of these instances, and feel the anger flashing in each of them, pull it out and push it towards the center, where a white hot flame is growing, burning brighter, trickling in through each of the quartz points.

And finally, at the very center, you will lay a red stone - Carnelian works the best, and a tower at that. Feel that flame embody into this magickal tower, taking within it, all the energy you've put forth, causing it to tremble on the grid, threatening to explode with such a massive amount of anger.

Here is where a course of action may come into being. Remember that it is safe to feel this anger bubbling to the surface here by yourself, in the solitude of your practice. Cherish this feeling, and let the feeling blind you as you may have been unable to do out in the open, or in public when anger first surfaced. Feel it wrap around you, enclose your body, allow it to possess your mind for a moment, and see if there is a course of action, waiting there for you to take. This of course does not mean an angry phone call or visit.

If you find most of the angry instances are directed towards a particular person or situation, your outlet may be of magickal means. You may choose to fill a jar with that intoxicating anger, rubbing it on your skin and basking in it so you are not afraid. The intensity of this anger is too strong and good for an outburst of yelling, crying, or anything else. Instead, let it sustain you, remind you that your anger is meaningful, and that you are worthy of being treated well. Through the oil, your anger can live on your skin. It can invite you to detach yourself from situations or people who seem to be taking advantage, or who don't respect your boundaries. Or it might even lead to a revenge.

When I consider revenge in my mind, I find myself drawn towards one particular type, which is a kind of realization, a confession, not coming from myself, but instead overtaking the person who has wronged me. It is up to them to come to grips with their deeds, but you can use magickal means to remind them of the effect they've had on your life. Rather than simply wishing them harm, it feels better to me to be more specific. For them to know, to understand, what it is they've put you through. And if they're unwilling to empathize with you, then it is likely they will be willing to empathize with themselves. So take a moment to take stock of what they have caused in you, and direct it towards this center stone. Grip the stone in your hand so that the next time you touch them, be it a warm embrace, a handshake, or only a metaphorical touch - through pass on this realization of the pain they have caused you, and they begin to feel it themselves, and unavoidably so - not looking from afar, as a pain they've caused others, able to detach, to treat it carefully and suck it in in measured gasps, rationalizing it away at every step. But instead, the raw energy, creeping into their bones, making them tremble from the inside out, see clearly the anguish they have caused as its flame licks upon them.

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