Synchronicity - someone being led by a charm bracelet or being followed, leading a charm bracelet...

It's happened to all of us - a strange coincidence that seems almost as though it were trying to tell me something. I was sitting outside at a café the other day and a boy passed by, running with a bouquet of orange roses. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. The next day, I was sitting on the swing outside my house and a boy biked by, a bouquet of red roses held aloft in his free hand. Neither incident was particularly memorable, had it not been for their temporal proximity, which suggested a link.

A conundrum as old as time - consciousness, or coincidence? In the myriad of small details we come in contact with throughout our day, once in a while, one stands out, simply because it is repeated. Repetition is the essence of synchronicity. One means nothing, but two might mean quite a lot (three: everything).

So what exactly is a synchronicity? I like to understand this idea through the concept of similitude. A similitude is simply two things that have something in common; they are similar in some way. Like a Venn Diagram, that thing which they have in common is projected so that it now exists in the world separately from the two (or more) incidents that introduced it.

Another instance of potential synchronicity - I received a cup from three different people in a short time span. One was purchased, the other two were gifted. I didn't notice their similarities until all three appeared in my cabinet side by side by side. Originally, my plan for this post was to document instances of synchronicity, for the sole purpose of saying " (admiring them on the shelf), collecting and..
But when writing this post, I displayed them on my kitchen counter for inspiration. But it wasn't until I sat down to write that what might have been obvious to someone else occurred to me. Which was to get out my tarot deck.

Tarot has never spoken to me specifically, but the impulse to find the meaning of the three of cups seemed as obvious as daylight. And as you may already know: the three of cups represents "Unity, togetherness, and support." When I read this I had the aha moment I'd been looking for and everything made sense to me. Each of these cups had been given to me by a friend - and together, they formed my support system. But it also felt too obvious - like the first question on a test, designed to lull you into a false sense of security.

Usually, when I think of signs from the universe, I imagine that the universe might be trying to tell me something important. It must be hard to get the attention of humans who are prone to ignorance and famous for ignoring what is in front of their face. So why would the universe expend all that effort just to tell me I'm making new friends? I know I'm making new friends.

god knows when I was choosing between Vassar and Wesleyan I looked everywhere for some sign of which would work out better. What kind of a universe reaches out to tell me something so obvious? Perhaps a universe who is content with self-awareness. Who encourages you when you're on the right path, and doesn't feel the need to change anything.

Want a way to show your appreciation fo

first: notice. Synchronicities are often found in small details which can easily pass us by if we fail to pay attention. On the other hand, it's best not to go overboard looking for signs everywhere we are. In fact, synchronicities usually appear when we are least paying attention.

Two: Record. If your memory is flawless like mine once was, you can perhaps just take a mental note when you witness an instance of synchronicity. But if you find you have some trouble remembering these little details, it's best to keep a Synchronicities journal with you wherever you go. In order to keep it with you in your purse or in your pocket, it's best to go with something smaller, like these adorable matchbook notebooks i designed.

Step Three: Choose Your charms.
The basic premise of a charm bracelet is an ever-expanding piece of jewelry, that just gets better the longer you keep it and the more you add to it. You can wait till you have a full list of synchronicities you've collected, but you can also collect them as you go - adding a new charm every time you experience an instance of synchronicity.

Do not misunderstand to think that I suggest you too will find a representation of a tarot card in your daily life. The beauty of synchronicity is that it comes to us when we least expect it, and each one is completely different. We therefore require a distinct investigation to research each one effectively. If there's no obvious meaning, let it linger in your mind. After all, usually the point of synchronicities is to point something out to us, that it remain on the periphery of our mind at all times.

How to Distinguish a Real Synchronicity

There is no other reason, besides apparent coincidence, to connect these three disparate events. If, for example, I had seen the two boys passing the same spot, then I might wonder if there was a flower store in the vicinity. And if I had a mug collection, which was famous among my friends, then I could identify a reason<I> for these connected events. However, in my case, although I purchased the first cup, the other two were given as gifts, by people who did not know each other. Therefore, I think it is safe to assume that these incidents were not causally linked, though of course you can never be completely sure.
In short, when identifying synchronicities, be mindful of other possible explanations.

The three of cups

The question is - is it a coincidence, or a signifier of greater consciousness - the universe calling out to us.

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